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Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Abe Yanofsky Memorial - Final Results

GM Alex Yermolinsky handled two of Manitoba's top players the last rounds and won clear first.
Trevor Vincent was held to a draw by Rolando Bince in round 4 which put him a half point off the pace.
That allowed Jeff Babb to tie Trevor as he defeated Rolando Bince in the last game to finish. Babb had lost to GM Yermolinsky in Round 2. Sam Cleto lost in Round 1 to GM Yermolinsky, but managed to score 3.5 to take top U2000.

In the U1800 section, Ryne Swift returned, after tuning up in the week-long Chess Camp, and took top prize with 4.5 points.  Tomas Manicdao and Gary Campbell shared 2nd-3rd. Kris Trinidad took U1600 (playing the top 5 rated players!), while Cody Baron and Devin Kasprick shared the U1400 prize.

2011 Abe Yanofsky Memorial: 

Open Section

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrize
1Alex Yermolinsky2601W5W3D2W4W64.51000.00
2Trevor Vincent2347W15W9D1D10W84.0225.00
3Jeff Babb2151W16L1W19W9W104.0225.00
4Samuel Lipnowski2261W23W12D6L1W113.5
5Sam Cleto1906L1W16H---W17W143.5200.00
6Jonathon Zaczek2284D25W26D4W12L13.0
7Kevin Li2181W21D13D14L8W193.0
8Gustavo Melamedoff2124H---D19W15W7L23.0
9Nilo Moncal2102W24L2W23L3W203.0
10Rolando Bince2091H---W25W13D2L33.0
11Perfecto Joven2006D17W18W20H---L43.0
12Aaron Green2010W27L4W21L6D152.5
13Anthony Boron1996W22D7L10D14D162.520.00
14Jason Repa1991H---W17D7D13L52.520.00
15Carl Pottinger1883L2W24L8W28D122.520.00
16Christopher Delos Santos1823L3L5W27W25D132.520.00
17Steven De Groot1772D11L14W29L5W232.520.00
18Harley Greenberg1685D19L11D25D29W242.520.00
19Aron Kaptsan1978D18D8L3W21L72.0
20Jaroslaw Czypinski1964W29H---L11H---L92.0
21Michael Pang1829L7W22L12L19W292.0
22Wesley Penner1744L13L21L24W27W252.0
23Alex Lambruschini1843L4W27L9D24L171.5
24John Klokow1807L9L15W22D23L181.5
25Jim Green1851D6L10D18L16L221.0
26Stephen Lipic1851H---L6H---U---U---1.0
27Saul Magnusson1804L12L23L16L22W281.0
28Chuck Mousseau1768H---H---U---L15L271.0
29Damola Afolabi1550L20H---L17D18L211.0

U1800 Section
#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotPrize
1Ryne Swift1768W9W17W3D5W64.5250.00
2Tomas Manicdao1710W12W20W10L6W54.075.00
3Gary Campbell1698W13W14L1W10W94.075.00
4Roy Proulx1705W8L5D9W11W103.5
5Kris Trinidad1570W6W4W16D1L23.5200.00
6Dave Milward1746L5W8W7W2L13.0
7Keith Gannon1607L15W18L6W21W133.0
8Francis Trueman1447L4L6W14W12W113.0100.00
9John Remillard1574L1W19D4W17L32.5
10Theo Wolchock1683W18W15L2L3L42.0
11Bruce Reimer1669L14W13W12L4L82.0
12Bruce Leaden1502L2W21L11L8W142.0
13Alex Iomdina1410L3L11W19W22L72.0
14Cody Baron1327W11L3L8W20L122.025.00
15Devin Kasprickunr.W7L10W20U---U---2.025.00
16Chuck Mousseau1768H---H---L5H---U---1.5
17Clifford Goodman1638W19L1H---L9U---1.5
18Leah Schwartz1343L10L7L21D19W221.5
19Justin Villeneuve1206L17L9L13D18W211.5
20Richard Ott1629W21L2L15L14U---1.0
21Pierce Brysonunr.L20L12W18L7L191.0
22Charles Pang.unr.U---U---U---L13L180.0

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